Anti Slapp Nova vs PSI

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  1. Ronald says:

    To whom it may concern;

    I’m writing this letter set some things straight regarding the former licensee Powerski International Corporation, the former CEO Robert Montgomery and myself a share holder.
    As a share holder of the former licensee Powerski International Corporation I have read the entire documented evidence and the files sent to the F.B.I. against the perpetrators about the premeditated plan of lies, slander, and personal attacks against the former CEO Robert Montgomery, former licensee Powerski International Corporation, myself, the share holders, and by the copying of our patented Jetboard technologies.

    Mr. Gitlin;

    You say that former CEO Bob Montgomery and former licensee PowerSki took money from countless distributors and failed to deliver product. Isn’t it a fact that you and your associate, Brian Wronski, were the exclusive distributors for Australia for about four years, that you made a commitment to purchase 200 jetboards, and in all of that time you never purchased more than 4 jetboards while tying up one of the most lucrative territories available in the world. Former licensee PowerSki, and Bob as the CEO, continued to honor your distributorship agreement, even though you hadn’t honored your part of the bargain, and he could have pulled it at any time, without justification, as worded in the distributorship agreement? Even when a few years ago, you were offered “no money down” financing to make that purchase, you again refused to meet your commitment claiming the jetboard wasn’t ready for production when in fact other customers were receiving production ready jetboards? You really don’t expect PowerSki to deliver product to you, or any dealer or distributor who fails to order any product.

    As written in the “Beta” letter it was always very explicit that investment funding would be used in any manner required by former licensee PowerSki at its discretion to advance the development of the jetboard, and every investor was made very aware of what their investment would be used for. The money that people invested in former licensee PowerSki went to the overhead costs of research & development, tooling, parts, facilities, rents and leases, utilities, patent fees, and other legal expenses, marketing, employee salaries, and their required obligations, such as health insurance, workman’s comp, , etc, etc., etc. I could go on, but basically, it costs a lot of money to develop a new product as complex as the jetboard from an idea to a viable product, and under the circumstances, it’s amazing that it was accomplished with as little outside investment as it took. Compared to creating a similar high tech product in the larger corporate world, PowerSki achieved its goal for pennies on the dollar.

    As to all of the allegations that investment funding went to the purchase of houses, “toys”, cars, and other “hidden assets”… Please! If such were the case over the past 15 years, believe me, as an investor,and a long time friend of Bob’s, it wouldn’t have taken very long for me or a lot of others to find out about. Such claims border on the delusional.

    So, do you think it’s right, and legal, for some group to do an end around all of these investors, co opt former licensee PowerSki’s proprietary patented technology for their own financial gain, manufacture their own product copied directly from former licensee PowerSki’s patented technology, and not share any of their ill-gained profit with former licensee PowerSki and its investors? All while they’re trying to destroy the inventor, the company, and the shareholders’ value? Obviously, if they can force former licensee PowerSki into oblivion, there’s no one to stand in their way. They’ll have a clear path to achieving something for nothing at the expense of everyone else who actually invested in former licensee PowerSki.

    I’m also fascinated that you are taking Bob MacKay’s side. Isn’t it a fact that you have been in communication with Bob MacKay for quite some time? That you have been in collusion with him, and others, in his attempts to sabotage former licensee PowerSki through its website, and emails, etc. Never mind. That’s a rhetorical question, because I’ve seen documented proof that you have been in touch with Mr. MacKay, and that you have been actively pursuing illegal activities to undermine former licensee PowerSki. You are much more transparent than you think, and in this internet age, you trail is very easy to uncover. Please deny any or all of the above… There’s nothing former licensee PowerSki would like more than to have you again on the record making false statements. Anyway, a non response is as good as an admission!

    I financed the Motor Home of which I have not been made whole as well. I knew when I made this decision that there was the risk of total loss of $139,000.00 plus the $75,000 that I invested in shares. When I read all the documents regarding the hostile acts perpetrated against former licensee PowerSki, and Bob, I understood why I have not yet been paid back. It’s very hard for a company to make a profit and pay back loans when other people are lying, and cheating by stealing proprietary technology from that company while not helping pay for the overhead incurred by that company in its efforts to bring their proprietary product to production. I’m shocked by what had occurred. After talking to Bob, I backed off demanding payment (near term).

    Bob has had to defend me and others from these attacks while trying to keep former licensee PowerSki viable. Former licensee Powerski is currently pursuing new opportunities that could finally make the investors, dealers, distributors who’ve stood by former licensee PowerSki whole again. There still is a very bright future possible for former licensee Powerski. Believe it or not, Bob still has no axe to grind, if people admit to the mistakes they’ve made, they can still be a part of former licensee PowerSki’s future. In closing, if you have just a little faith and trust we can all benefit, instead of trying to destroy former licensee Powerski in which case everyone loses.

    Yours truly,

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