PowerSki International Corp’s Bankruptcy Case Officially Closed by US Courts

As of November 21st 2011 the Bankruptcy Case of the former sub-license PowerSki International Corp has been closed by the US Courts, what effectively finishes former sub-licensees bankruptcy process, with no adversary claims against corporation.

Click on the link below to view the official Closed Case Order from the Bankruptcy Court:

Powerski International Corp Case Closed Order

HydroForce Group LLC, the patent owners group of the jetboard technology, was established in 1993/1994 and operated as a partnership since 1991/1992. HydroForce Group LLC is debt free and is good standing.

HydroForce Group helped financed with first millions of dollars with the development of the Patented JetBoard Technology. HydroForce Group LLC the patent owners group of the jetboard technology is officially moving forward with taking the sport of jetboarding to the next level, introducing surfing to the masses world wide.

In regards to more information on the Patented PowerSki JetBoard Technology contact HydroForce Group LLC at via email: info@jetboard.com or visit www.jetboard.com, or www.powerski.com for more details.

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