Justice For PowerSki

My name is Brad Maier and I am a managing partner of the HydroForce Group, LLC. Its true that both PowerSki International Corp. and Bob Montgomery filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. They were forced into bankruptcy by an organized conspiracy headed by Chris Kanyaro, Nicholas Jones, and Jetboarder in Australia. Jetboarder is a fraudulent company run by these thieves who stole the JetBoard technology developed and patented by the original inventor, Bob Montgomery, and the current patent holders of JetBoard technology, the HydroForce Group, LLC.

Chris Kanyaro, Nicholas Jones (jnicholas02@dodo.com.au) and their conspiracy associates signed non-disclosure agreements and distributor agreements with PowerSki International in 2008 then had a PowerSki JetBoard reversed engineered in China and are selling this illegal product worldwide. They claim that they are the original inventors and are manufacturing their illegal knocked-off JetBoards in Australia. Both of these claims are totally FALSE.

These aforementioned thieves also stole and misappropriated the copyrighted and trademarked names, videos, photos, and marketing materials that were originally created by PowerSki International Corp. As proof of this allegation, the HydroForce Group, LLC contacted YouTube.com about these conspirators airing copyright infringing videos that are the property of the HydroForce Group, LLC.. Consequently, YouTube removed all of Jetboarder’s videos from their website. That action is verifiable proof that their claims of legitimacy are complete fabrications.

The HydroForce Group, LLC has more incontrovertible and documented evidence that proves that Chris Kanyaro, Nicholas Jones and their associated conspirators are guilty of all the aforementioned criminal activity. We are currently pursuing Jetboarder through every legal avenue available to bring Jetboarder to justice for their theft and misuse of the copyrighted and patented property created and developed by Bob Montgomery, and the HydroForce Group, LLC.

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